Why I learned Spanish and why anybody Can do it

by Marek on November 27, 2013

Keep Calm and Learn SpanishThere are numerous reasons someone could desire to learn Spanish. Maybe you are planning a vacation or business trip to a Spanish speaking country or perhaps you are thinking about emigrating. It might be that you do not actually require to talk Spanish at all but you simply want to show that you can. Having the ability to interact in another language certainly gives you a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

My reasons were a little blended. For a long period of time I had actually wished to find out an additional language, and for some reason I was always drawn to Spanish. I am not totally sure why this was. I think one reason was because the little I learnt about Spain at the time in some way appealed to my sense of good living. Sun, sand, siestas, late night dinner celebrations and dark skinned stunning women! Of course there is far more to Spain than this, but for me, Spain and the Spanish language held more appeal than state French or German did.

Although I had wanted to learn Spanish for a long time I suspect the major reason I lastly decided to do something about it was because I was aiming a long journey to Central and South America. I was about to go through as lots of as 19 different countries where the official nationwide language was Spanish. Because then Spanish and all things Spanish both in Spain and in Latin America have actually literally taken me over. I would not have thought it then however now Spanish is a part of my every day life. I can talk, check out and understand Spanish to the point where I do not need to think about it too much.

When individuals ask me if I can speak Spanish with complete confidence I am constantly a little hesitant to state yes. The fact is that despite the fact that I can interact in Spanish with relative ease I still do not feel that I know enough. I am not truly sure if I ever will! There are constantly new words and phrases to learn for example and of course these differ from nation to country.

I think one of the greatest tests for me is having the ability to sit in front of the TV with una cerveza (a beer) and enjoy a Spanish soap opera (una telenovela) or a Spanish film and totally comprehend everything that is going on. After all, if I can do that in English why should not I be able to do the same in Spanish? Well I have to state I am absolutely not there yet but nearly! I highly suggest ‘Pasion de Gavilanes’. It’s a hugely popular telenovela from Columbia.

Should I learn Spanish?

So, how did I get from not understanding a single word of Spanish (apart from – gracias and amigo), to being able to check out a Spanish book, speak with a Spanish-speaking friend or view a Spanish telenovel? Well the answer to that is what I intend to discuss in the coming posts. I am not going to lie to you and state that the journey was a simple one. The fact is that discovering a new language takes some time and requires a lot of perseverance and commitment. Nevertheless, what I truly desire to communicate at this point is that anyone can do it if they rally wish to.

In the next short article I mean to blog about preparation. By that I suggest thinking about what it is you desire to achieve and exactly how you plan to go about attaining it. You are not going to discover Spanish over night and I think it makes sense to prepare yourself for the difficulties ahead. Knowing a brand-new language must be enjoyable and there is no reason it should not be as long as you realize your limitations.

By no means do I consider myself to be somebody that has a natural flare for languages. When I went to school (all those years ago!) the only target I fell short in was German. For some reason I simply couldn’t get my head around it. Before I began learning Spanish I knew nothing of other languages. I started right from the beginning. I suspect exactly what I’m trying to state, is that if I can do it then trust me anybody can.

If you want to start learning Spanish, check this method. It’s pretty awesome and you can try it for free:

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