What Language Should I Learn? – My 5 Favourite Suggestions

by Marek on June 23, 2013

Learning is a continuous process that is among the constants of human life, not to mention the fact that it is one of the things that allow people to grow as sentient beings. For people who are looking to learn foreign languages, the choices are practically endless, so it can be difficult to make a decision. What language should I learn? If you are among those who want to learn a foreign language but cannot decide as to which one is actually worth learning, it is a good idea to explore a number of options before picking the language of their choice.

Listed below are 5 excellent languages, including a brief description of their origins, usage, and the reasons why it is a good idea to learn them.


What Language Should I Learn?Among all the Romantic languages, French is perhaps the most revered and coveted by both laymen as well as academics. This language has quite a unique character that does not exist in any other, not to mention it has the allure of romanticism and elegance that is missing from most other languages.

Why Learn French?


Most schools (whether in primary, secondary, or collegiate levels) do encourage students to learn a second language. In fact, French is one of the most popular electives in many colleges and universities all over the world, particularly in North American as well as European countries. In some schools, students who are fluent in French are awarded extra credit, which puts them ahead of their classmates as far as their GPA or Grade Point Average. Exclusive colleges and universities are always impressed with applicants who can speak French, especially if they are able to carry on conversations in this language without faltering. Learning French means creating more opportunities for yourself in terms of higher education.


Being bi-lingual (or multi-lingual as the case may be) can only be an advantage when seeking gainful employment. Regardless of the specific field of work you are in, being able to speak another language, especially one as impressive as French is always a huge plus. However, being fluent in French would be even more beneficial for those who are looking to land a job in any of the following fields:

*Hospitality (hotel and restaurant management)
*Culinary arts
*Government service (i.e. applying for a job at the State Department)
*Travel services (flight attendant, stewardess)
*International/public relations


What language should I learn? SpanishSince this is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, there are plenty of reasons to learn Spanish as a second language. Compared to French, this is an easier language to learn, especially for English speakers.

Why Learn Spanish?


Several countries in North, Central, and South America speak purely Spanish, which means you have to learn the language if you are an avid visitor of one or more of these areas. It is no secret that many tourists often find themselves unable to enjoy their vacation simply because they do not speak or understand the local language. Not being able to communicate with the locals can be rather frustrating especially if you need to get somewhere and in need to ask directions or order local cuisine. There is nothing more embarrassing than being in a foreign country and unable to connect with people around you on the most basic level.


There are certain types of businesses that would bring you in close contact with Spanish speaking individuals. It is always a plus to be able to converse in more than one language, especially if your business has global relevance and/or interest.

Japanese, Chinese, Korean (Collectively as Asian Languages)

What language shouls I learn? JapaneseWhile Asia is just about the most diverse part of the world as far as language is concerned, these three are among the most popular for varied reasons. Many schools in the United States as well as other countries in North America as well as Europe are teaching these languages as part of their regular curriculum as educators are convinced that they are essential and largely beneficial to the students.

Why Learn These Languages?

These three are the most relevant Asian languages today and you will do well to learn one or all three of them. Asia is a burgeoning market and it has become extremely relevant in the world’s economy. It only makes sense that if you want to be a successful and globally competitive entrepreneur, learning these languages is a must.

Note: For English speakers, Asian languages, specifically Japanese, Chinese, and Korean are among the hardest to learn so it might take you longer to gain mastery and fluency. However, the rewards are nothing short of staggering.


What language shouls I learn? ItalianYet another Romantic language, Italian almost rivals French as far as popularity and cultural/educational value. There is much to be said about this particular language, not the least of which is the fact that it is rather impressive in its stature and history. People who are fond of culture and arts will definitely find Italian useful in their daily endeavors.

Why Learn Italian?

Scholastic Advancement

This language is mostly required for students pursuing history and arts courses. Italian is very much a relevant language in European history, thus it is a subject that must be mastered by college and post-grad students.

Travel (Business and Leisure)

Traveling to Europe would be a lot easier and more fun if you speak one of the most widely spoken languages in the continent.


What language shouls I learn? GreekA lot of people dismiss Greek as an old language that is no longer relevant or useful in this day and age. However, if you look closer at the history of this language, you will come the same conclusion as many scholars that learning to speak Greek is definitely a worthy endeavor.

Why Speak Greek?

Personal and Professional Advancement

World history, arts, and literature have all been influenced by the Greek civilization to a certain extent. Whether you are a student who wants to get high grades or an entrepreneur looking to expand his/her business horizon, you will certainly benefit from learning Greek. If nothing else, you can impress your classmates/professors/colleagues and gain their reverence and respect.

What Language Should I Learn?

While you can choose just one of the languages listed above, the truth is that you can always learn more than one language. It is always smart to start with something easy, then move on to more challenging languages as you become more accustomed to the unique learning process. It all boils down to what your immediate needs are, and where your interest lies.

Whatever language you choose you will want to learn it fast and easily. Check Benny Lewis’ unique “Language Hacking Guide“. This is a perfect tool that can help you learn a new language fast and speak from day 1.

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