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by Marek on April 7, 2013

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The Language Hacking Guide has attracted a lot of attention not only from consumers but from language experts as well. This program was created by Benny the Irish Polyglot, who travels the world in pursuit of learning and experiencing various cultures and foreign languages. While the merits of this language program are undisputed, many are still confused as to the significance of the Speak from Day 1 package, as well as the reason why they should get it as part of the program.

Below is a comprehensive and detailed review of the Speak from Day 1 package, along with its features, inclusions, benefits, and disadvantages. Also included is information regarding the importance of this course in relation to the Language Hacking Guide.

What is Speak from Day 1?

speak from day 1This package is comprised of a series of videos that contain practical information on how people can learn foreign languages and become fluent in a matter of months. Speakfromday1 is an essential part of the Language Hacking Guide as it provide specific techniques devised by Benny Lewis (the Irish Polyglot) himself, as a product of his travels around the world. As the name clearly suggests, the goal is to have you speaking the language right from the first day until you achieve fluency.

Main Benefits of Speakfromday1

Access to Benny Lewis’ Language Expertise

Polyglots and autodidacts mostly subsist on information as they have a voracious appetite for learning all sorts of things. Benny Lewis is both a polyglot and an autodidact, and he made it his mission to spread the good word about how people can learn a language in a short amount of time. Among the things that he imparts to subscribers of this video series are his experiences while traveling abroad, including the subtleties of various languages he learned along the way.

What potential buyers of the Language Hacking Guide and this video course package need to understand is that Benny Lewis is an extensive traveler who discovered a lot of things relating to foreign languages. Having access to this knowledge is the next best thing for those who cannot afford to travel the world like Benny had done.

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Tons of Practical and Useful Tips

Benny Lewis' speak from day 1A number of critics have pointed out that neither Language Hacking Guide nor Speakfromday1 actually provide instructions on any specific language. However, it is important to understand that this program as well as the video courses that come with it are all about giving people tips on how to learn not just one but several languages. The Speakfromday1 videos contain a great number of tips and tricks that you can use when attempting to acquire a new language, regardless of what it is.

For those who have never been to a foreign country, or attempted to learn a foreign language, it is necessary to get straight and clear instructions as to how they should proceed. The tips that Benny Lewis provide are numerous, specific, and mostly unconventional. However, these tips have also been proven effective, as per the testimonials of thousands of satisfied Language Hacking Guide users.

Among the things that you can expect from the video courses include observations about speech patterns of native speakers. This is very important because some languages rely mostly on tone and stress, as in the case of Japanese, Mandarin, Tagalog, and Polish.

This as well as other significant observations will help anyone in their quest to master any language within a few months.

As of yet, the series is comprised of 8 different video courses. However, more videos will be added at no extra cost to those who already bought the package.

Available in Several Translations

Several language versionsThe Speakfromday1 package is available in several translations, which means you can watch the videos in your native language, or in the language/s you are trying to acquire. This clever feature was recently added in order to enhance the experience for LHG users.

As of today, the package is available in 24 different languages including (but not limited to) English, Tagalog (Filipino), Polish, Esperanto, Greek, and Hungarian. The team of linguists in charge of this continuing project are expected to provide more translations in the near future.

Designed to Work for Busy People

One of the main goals of this video series is to teach people how to make the most of their free time when in the process of learning a new language. Most people make excuses about not having enough time to learn a foreign language, which is something that can easily be remedied. Benny Lewis spent years devising new and effective ways on how to learn various languages fast, and he has since come up with several clever techniques.

Once you gain access to the videos, you will begin to realize that time is essentially a small factor when it comes to language learning. Many people are surprised to know just how much they learned without short period, which is something they never expected before watching Speakfromday1 videos.


Upon closer examination, anyone can conclude that there are no disadvantages to getting the Speakfromday1 package. It costs $97, which might seem steep to some people, but considering its numerous benefits, this program is well worth the cost.

A small caveat, however- the Language Hacking Guide and Speak from Day 1 are not meant to replace a language program. Since this guide does not teach an actual language, you will still need to elect a language course, preferably one that is designed like Benny’s program.

Language Hacking Guide CourseWhere to Buy

The Speakfromday1 package is bundled with the Language Hacking Guide, and is sold online for $97. This package affords users the text-based course as well as the 8 different videos. Any updates and additional resource materials can be accessed for free by existing users.

Verdict and Recommendation

Speakfromday1 is clearly a well thought out video package that teaches people how to become fluent in any language. With this being an audio-visual guide, there is no reason for users to be confused or mislead by the information provided. In all, the Language Hacking Guide as well as Speak from Day 1 is a wonderful investment towards your future as a multilingual person.

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