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by Marek on November 22, 2013

Rocket Spanish Premium reviewWhen in the market for a language training software, there is always the possibility of getting swamped with choices and ending up picking the wrong product. The comprehensive and unbiased Rocket Spanish review that follows is intended for people who are looking to learn Spanish on their own time, and are hoping to get the best out of the money they are about to spend. The scope of information in this review includes all the pros and cons, as well as the general feedback of consumers who have tried using Rocket Spanish.

What is Rocket Spanish?

This language software is one of the many products under the Rocket Languages line. It is an interactive program designed primarily for people who wish to learn and become fluent in Spanish. It comes in 3 levels, which are Spanish Premium Level One, Spanish Premium Level Two, and the Platinum Level Three.

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Main Product Features and Benefits

Comprehensive Language and Culture Lessons

The entry level package, which is the Rocket Spanish Premium Level One contains a total of 32 audio lessons, each of which are approximately 25 minutes. As many are aware, Spanish is more than just a language, it is also a widespread culture that is defined by a long and colorful history. What Rocket Spanish provides is more than just lessons on how to understand and speak Spanish, but also cultural-sensitive subjects that will help people appreciate the Spanish way of life in several areas of the world.

Lifetime Online Access

Once you purchase Rocket Spanish, you are automatically guaranteed unlimited access to the website where all new information and upgrades can be viewed and used. The creator of Rocket Languages always make it a point to provide supplementary lessons and tips, which are released periodically. This allows Rocket users to keep their skills sharp and up-to-date.

Interactive Tools Included

Rocket Spanish Interactive online courseThe most common criticism about online-based language programs is that they do not provide any feedback system that would allow people to gauge their progress. With Rocket Spanish, interactive tools such as Rocket Record as well as Hear It Say It are provided to users, which allow them to see exactly how much they have improved and how much closer they are to sounding like a native Spanish speaker.

Rocket Record allows users to record their own speech so that they can play it back and listen to their patterns. Hear It Say It, on the other hand, allows users to listen to a native Spanish speaker, then repeat the practice words/phrases/sentences. These tools are essential in making sure that fluency is achieved and that flaws in one’s speech patterns are corrected along the way.

Language Games Included

Incorporating learning principles into interactive games does not only apply to young children. As it turns out, there are positive results brought about by playing games that are designed to not only entertain but also facilitate excellent recall and retention. Just because you are trying to learn a new language does not mean there should be no room for fun and a few laughs. Spanish is such a flamboyant language that it is rather fitting to have fun while becoming fluent in speaking it.

Mobile Audio Lessons

One of the main reasons why people choose language software such as Rocket Spanish is that they can listen to the lessons wherever they are. You can certainly make use of your idle time, i.e. stuck in traffic in the middle of rush hour, or waiting for the bus on your way home. All the audio lessons can be downloaded and transferred to any compatible listening device such as an Mp3 player, or iPod, or any gadget that plays audio files.

This also means that you can listen to the lessons repeatedly, if there are certain parts that are quite hard to understand. Repetition works for most people, especially those who are new to the Spanish language.

Cuts Learning Time into Half

Many would argue that there is simply no way to master a foreign language within a mere few months. This is not necessarily the case especially when using Rocket Spanish. The techniques in this program are designed specifically to speed up the process of learning and facilitate fluency in as little as 6 months (even less for some people). This means you will become a fluent speaker quickly, and be able to use such skill to good use a lot faster as well.
This is good news for those who are learning Spanish for travel or to apply for a job that requires fluency in the language.

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Support Hotline Available

Purchasing Rocket Spanish affords customers access to the support hotline, where they can ask questions regarding the product, how to use it, and what other similar products are available.

Bonuses are Included

In addition to the audio lessons, games, and interactive learning tools, Rocket Spanish also comes with bonus materials. The purchase of this software includes The Rocket Spanish Survival Kit (10 lessons on Spanish Vocabulary), and Rocket Spanish Megacards (Beginners and Advanced), which focuses on more vocabulary tips and tricks.

24/7 Access to Members Forum

Rocket Spanish users can communicate with one another via the Rocket members forum. This avenue allows people from all over the world to share their experiences regarding language learning and perhaps even gain valuable insight from those who have gone through the courses. The process of learning a new language can be intimidating, so being able to connect with others who are trying to accomplish the same thing can be very helpful and productive.

Online Language Learning Forum


– Need for Supplementary Materials
While many Rocket Spanish users can attest to the efficacy of the program itself, some have commented on the fact that other materials may become necessary in order to gain excellent fluency. In some cases, Rocket Spanish is used along with one or more language programs in order to gain positive results within a reasonable time frame.
This could mean additional expense as well as more workload for those who are eager to become fluent Spanish speakers in as little time as possible.

– Online Digital Version Requires Internet Connection
If you wish to use the online digital version (this may be necessary for some of the interactive features), you have to be connected to the internet. This means you either have to be home or at a wi-fi hotspot with decent internet speed.

What Rocket Spanish Users Say

Andrew Scott - United Kingdom

I would strongly recommend the Rocket Languages Spanish course. The Interactive Audio lessons in particular are very useful, they cover interesting and relevant topics. (review from

Jaime Juda – United States

I have tried many language programs out there and Rocket Spanish is by far the best! It is easy to navigate and it teaches you useful parts of conversation… …I want my children to start using it too. (review from

Gregor - United Kingdom

Never thought that I would be much good at foreign languages but I am enjoying the Rocket language Spanish very much. (review from

Verdict and Recommendation

Rocket Spanish free 6 day courseThere is a consensus among Rocket Spanish users that this product is one of the best and most effective language programs in the market today. While some might need additional help in order to become fluent speakers, Rocket Spanish provides the basic foundation that is required in order to become familiar with the tone and texture of the language. It is indeed a good buy for anyone who wants to learn Spanish and wants to do so without the hassle of having to go to school or spending exorbitant amounts of money.

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