Announcement: Language Hacking Guide by Benny Lewis – Is it Really Worth Buying?

by Marek on April 1, 2013

The comprehensive Language Hacking Guide review that follows details the scope of the program, including its benefits as well as drawbacks.

Language Hacking Guide review - Find all details here

Continuing education is always possible regardless of one’s age, economic status, or interests. For some people, this entails acquiring a foreign language for the purpose of improving their communication skills and expanding their intellectual horizon. Those who choose to learn a language on their own often find themselves in need of some form of instruction, which is why many turn to language programs for guidance.

The Language Hacking Guide is one of the few programs that gained a lot of attention from several online communities, particularly those that focus on effective methods of language acquisition. This product has in fact become a high point of interest among language enthusiasts that it is worth taking a closer look at.  It is highly recommended for potential customers to first find out everything they can about this language program before they ultimately decide to purchase it.

What is the Language Hacking Guide?

This product is a learning tool designed by Benny Lewis, who is better known as Benny the Irish Polyglot from Fluent in 3 Months blog. According to its author, this program is the culmination of his years-worth of research and travels in search for new cultures and experiences. It primarily caters to people who are interested in learning a new language and are looking to do so in a short amount of time.

Language Hacking Guide E-book and Video Course

Main Benefits and Product Features

Focuses on the Mentality of Learning

While everyone is capable of learning a new language, some people learn at a slower pace than others. This is a fact that Benny Lewis recognizes, and one that he addresses specifically in this guide. His take on the process of language acquisition is focused mainly on the mindset of the individuals who are attempting to accomplish such goal. The Language Hacking Guide does not teach people about words, grammar, and sentence construction, but it provides all the necessary tools to motivate oneself to do the necessary work.

Many people discount the need for a definitive action plan in the process of learning a language, which is in fact the key to completing the feat. One of the main reasons why people quit trying to learn a foreign language is their inability to ascertain and recognize effective methods that fit their particular personality and aptitude. Among other things, it is important to know that there are different approaches to learning and that some work better for you than the others. The author also highlights the importance of maintaining a positive attitude throughout the process in order to gain the best results.

Includes Practical and Unconventional Ways to Learn a Language

Unlike most other language programs online, this product does not concentrate on just one particular language. Instead, it provides various tips and techniques on how people can learn various languages outside the context of traditional learning. For instance, Benny Lewis suggests accepting foreign house guests (regardless of their country and native tongue) in exchange for their help in teaching you their language. Not only will you be able to show utmost hospitality, but you will also have people to converse with in the language you wish to learn. It is in effect like having language instructors for free.

Unconventional way to learn a language

Another clever idea that Benny Lewis has is total immersion by way of giving up your native language totally and speaking only the language you are attempting to learn. There are many other tips and tricks provided in this program, all of which can be used by anyone regardless of their age, gender, employment status, and location.

Designed for Novices

People who have yet to try learning any foreign language and are unsure as to how they should proceed would benefit largely from this program. The difficultly in this process usually lies in not knowing where to start and how to approach the subject of language acquisition. The Irish Polyglot has made it his life’s work to demystify language learning so that anyone can decide to start speaking a foreign language and actually do it with ease.

The instructions provided are not only practical but also very easy to understand. You would be surprised at how many language programs available today are almost indecipherable due to complicated content, which of course is counterproductive. Having the Language Hacking Guide is like owning a map that will lead you to the most coveted treasure that is mastering a foreign language.

Available in Several Languages

This guide has been translated to several foreign languages such as French, Italian, German, Esperanto, Tagalog, Dutch, and many others. This means you can read it in your own native language as well as in various foreign languages, which is a clever way to get acclimated.

Comes with Video Courses

Speak From Day 1 Video CourseSpeak from Day 1 is the name of the video course series which customers can access when they buy the Language Hacking Guide. These courses help people fast-track their progress by teaching them to speak the language right from the start. This video course serves as a supplementary (albeit necessary) tool used for learning to speak a new language, with a definite timetable in mind.


Does Not Actually Teach a Language

It is very important for potential buyers to know and understand that this program does not actually teach any particular language. It is not a suitable substitute to a language training program so if you want to learn Spanish or other language you will still need to purchase online lessons. This would entail additional costs, which can be slightly challenging for those who are on a shoestring budget.

Customer Feedback and Testimonials

On the whole, Language Hacking Guide is well received not only by consumers but also by critics. While some are concerned about the fact that it does not actually teach language lessons, more people are impressed with its practical approach to the process of learning. Customers also agree that its price is more than fair, considering all the tips and tricks provided by the author.

Language Hacking Guide Course

In addition, it is also considered a fun read due to its laid back and often quirky content. Not only will you learn about how to properly acquire a foreign language, but you also have fun while reading through the book.

Verdict and Recommendation

Language Hacking Guide is a fine resource material that is designed using effective learning principles. Considering the fact that it is the result of many years of traveling and experiencing various languages and cultures, this program is definitely a good purchase.


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