A Comprehensive English Harmony System 2.0 Review

by Marek on October 25, 2013

English Harmony System2.0

Mastery of the English language comes with a number of advantages, whether in terms of educational or professional advancement. In a highly competitive world, it is always a plus to be able to converse in properly English, ideally with a neutral or American Accent. In order to attain a level of fluency that will provide a competitive edge, it is always a choice to make use of English proficiency programs that have been proven effective.
English Harmony 2.0 is one of the few programs that are well worth exploring, especially for those who are learning English as a second language. The comprehensive English Harmony 2.0 Review that follows should be able to help potential buyers decide as to whether or not this program is worth their time and money.

What Does the English Harmony 2.0 Provide?

Comprehensive Modules for Learning English

At first glance, the English Harmony 2.0 looks like every other online English program that you can listen to. However, upon closer examination, it is in fact a program that provides a systematic approach to learning English, sans all the unnecessary fringes. There are 3 different Modules provided in the package and they are as follows:

Module One (The Speech Master)

The first module consists of 30 interactive video lessons, each of which are 10 minutes long. The Speech Master Module concentrates on learning how to speak correct English intuitively. It deals with grammar correction, which is one of the things that most people struggle with when learning English for the first time. What makes this module different from all others in the market today is that it does not approach English grammar in a conventional way. It uses a technique that allows people to grasp proper English grammar the way children (whose first language is English) do.

Module Two (The Confidence Mentor)

English Harmony Confidence MentorLearning how to speak English and becoming a confident English speaker are two very different things. This second module contains lessons that concentrate on effective and speedy speech. That is, you will not only learn how to speak English well but you will do so with great efficiency. Most first time English speakers tend to pause a lot in between words or sentences in order to compose their thoughts. In the Confidence Mentor Module, you will learn how to speak in the same speed as natural/native English speakers.

Module Three Virtual Chat Assistant

This module includes a Virtual Chat Assistant, which can be used to find like minded people all over the world. One of the advantages of this feature is that it allows you to connect with individuals who are either looking to learn English or are already excellent English speakers. Either way, you will be able to chat with as many people as you would like, which definitely helps practice your skills and allow you to gauge your fluency at any given time. In addition, it makes learning more fun and less like a boring trip back to school.

English Harmony Insiders Guide

The English Harmony: Insider’s Secrets

Also included in the package is a 68 page book that contains instructions on English Harmony 2.0. This instruction manual allows people to maximize the benefits of the course so that they can get results as fast as possible.


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Benefits of the English Harmony 2.0

Uncomplicated Yet Comprehensive Lessons

The last thing you need when learning a foreign language is a barrage of information that will not do much except cause confusion. The English Harmony 2.0 is designed to provide all the necessary information about the English language without bombarding users with unnecessary data. The modules are arranged in order of importance, which means the first one covers all the basics while the last two is more about reinforcement and strengthening of skills.

Non-Traditional Approach to Language Learning

The main goal of this program is to teach people how to speak English correctly without having to bore them with rules on subject-verb agreement, possessive pronouns, and such other things that are taught in grade school. This English Harmony 2.0 has been simplified in such a way that it provides all the essentials without having to go through each lesson at a snail’s pace.
The author of this program found the perfect balance between speed and mastery, which is what you need in order to master English within a reasonable time frame.

User Friendly Interface

The fact that this program consists mainly of video lessons makes it very easy to use for anyone. The 30 10-minute video files can be uploaded to an iPod or other portable device, which allows you to watch and listen to the lessons even while on the go. Should there be things that you do not understand after the initial viewing, there is always the opportunity to play it back until you get the gist of the lesson/s.

Friendly Speaking Character

The voice you will hear (virtual mentor) is quite friendly and easy going that it would feel like you are interacting with an old friend. This is important especially to first timers who have never used interactive English programs before. The level of comfort and familiarity provided is just enough to keep you at ease while still maintaining an authoritative tone.

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Who is This Program Intended For?

While English Harmony 2.0 can be used by practically everyone who wants to learn English, it is primarily devised for people who want to learn as much as they can in as little time as possible. Many fresh graduates who are able to take IELTS or other similar international standardized exams prefer this program because it provides excellent results in time for the test.

What are the Potential Drawbacks to Using this Program?

There is hardly any downside to getting this program, other than the fact that you need to be willing to shell out close to $70. However, considering the structure as well as substance of this tool, the price is well worth it. A small caveat, however, for those who are expecting to become fluent speakers in a matter of months. The rate at which you improve will depend mainly on your individual aptitude. Some people learn very quickly with the help of the right tools such as the English Harmony 2.0. However, if you are looking to also acquire an accent (most people want to get an American Accent), you might need to find supplementary lessons in order to achieve such goal.

Verdict and Recommendation

English Harmony 2.0 is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to English as a second language and gain reasonable proficiency in a matter of months. Provided you follow the explicit instructions and practice speaking the language as much as possible. there is no doubt that this program is among the best options to help you gain a firm grasp of spoken English.

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