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by Marek on October 29, 2013

Effortless English LessonsLearning English is just about as imperative as knowing where you live and what your full name is. The world is filled with English speakers and almost all aspects of life involve the use of the English language, thus the need to become a fluent speaker. While there are several ways to learn this language, it is important to consider opting for most effective methods such as the Effortless English Program.

What is the Effortless English Program and Who Created It?

This training module is created and designed by AJ Hoge, who spent 15 years teaching English as a second language. This program is a practical device that can be used by students as well as professionals to improve their language skills and become fluent English speakers. This program is made up of audio lessons, all of which have been designed to make learning English easier, and with a more pragmatic approach.

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Effortless English & AJ Hoge

Program Features

Audio English Lessons

This English language program, while comprehensive, is quite straightforward in its structure. It is mostly made of audio lessons that tackle various aspects of spoken English. The new lessons provided by AJ Hoge are collectively referred to as Power English since they are designed to fast track one’s progress and level of fluency.

Main Benefits

Deep Learning Method for Faster and More Effective Comprehension

The author of this program believes greatly in the merits of deep learning method as a way to imbibe and remember English words faster. According to AJ Hoge, this method is very effective in so far as getting the brain used to English vocabulary as opposed to the native language of the students. In addition, Deep Learning Method is also believed to be the key to being an excellent conversationalist.

Many people understand English just fine but are unable to converse well in the same language. Deep learning allows people to remember English words and effectively use them in regular conversations.

Effortless English IpodMobile Learning

Since the lessons are in MP3 format, anyone can simply upload the lessons onto an MP3 player or any gadget that plays audio files. This way, studying English is not limited to the hours spent in front of a computer monitor. People can use their long commute to and from work to catch up on the lessons and do the exercises recommended by the program.

Non-Traditional Grammar Lessons

English is a language that involves specific tenses, plural and singular nouns, and a number of other rules that need to be mastered in order to gain fluency. While other programs insist on boring students with tedious grammar lessons, Effortless English Lessons are designed to pique and maintain one’s interest with the use of scenarios that can happen in the normal course of people’s daily lives.

You will learn proper English grammar in the same manner as American children do, which does not involve poring through rules and deconstructing sentences. The author stays true to his believe that learning proper English does not have to be boring and time consuming.

Interactive Exercises

Effortless English ProgramOne of the most attractive features of this program is its Listen and Answer exercises, which are designed to encourage maximum student participation. It is important to remember that learning English would require speaking English as much as possible, which is exactly what these exercises are for. This method has a two-fold effect. First, your listening skills will be greatly improved since you will need to pay attention in order to get the right answers.

The second and more desirable result is the improvement of your speech pattern, which is an important component of fluency. Doing these exercises would not only help users become fluent, but it also affords them more confidence.

Designed for Beginners and Intermediate Learners

Novices are not the only ones who can use the Effortless English Program to their advantage. People who are looking to polish their grammar skills, pronunciation, and American accent will also benefit from this package since it delves deep into all aspects of the language.

Bonuses Available

Ordering this package customers will also get Action Vocabulary Videos, English Text Learning Guide, and Student Forum Membership.

The action vocabulary videos are created to boost word recognition so that you are able to remember more words easily and be able to use them properly in a conversation. On the other hand, the English Text Learning Guide is a supplementary material that clears up whatever you did not quite understand from the audio lessons.

Effortless English ForumFinally, the Effortless English forum grants unfettered access to the online forum dedicated for other Effortless English users.

Verdict and Recommendation

What the Effortless English Lessons provide is a solid foundation that you can easily build on with constant practice. English is truly one of the simplest languages to learn, provided you have access to the right materials and excellent instructions, both of which are provided for by AJ Hoge and his clever program.

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