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by Marek on April 3, 2013

Benny The Irish Polyglot's Fan

Most people go about their lives not realizing the height of their potential, whether in terms of professional or personal actualization. Many are also not aware that learning different languages is one of the best ways to improve oneself, as it allows unrestricted communication with people of different cultures and way of life. Those who intend to acquire a new language should take a closer look at what Benny the Irish Polyglot has to offer, specifically in terms of expert advice on how to become fluent in any language within a few short months.

Who is Benny the Irish Polyglot Anyway?

While most people are content holding nine to five jobs and maintaining a life of permanence, others prefer to explore and discover the world. Benny Lewis falls under the second category, which is mostly how he became an accomplished polyglot. By all accounts, Benny is just like any other average Joe, except that he loves to travel and has an extraordinary voracious appetite for learning languages.
As the author of the Language Hacking Guide, along with the video series Speak From Day1, Benny Lewis spent years travelling the world and immersing himself in various cultures for the purpose of expanding his personal horizon. His decision to create a language hacking program is one of the happy consequences of being a citizen of the world, which is something that many people never get to become.

Benny’s Learning PrinciplesBenny Lewis' language learning method

One of the most impressive things about Benny Lewis’ program is that while it does not teach a specific language, it does provide unconventional methods on how to learn and become fluent in several languages. Benny believes that there is more merit to experiencing the language rather than trying to learn it from books or tapes.

While he does not discount the benefits of conventional language programs, Benny believes that there are much faster ways to not only learn but imbibe different foreign languages, and most of them do not involve memorizing words and stringing together random sentences.

How Can Benny Lewis Help Me Learn a Language?

The purpose of the program he created called Language Hacking Guide is to impart vital information on language learning that is not taught even in the most prominent universities in the world. What his program provides are practical guidelines on how to learn different languages with considerable ease and speed. As of today, Benny has a number of websites, including and, both of which are filled with free information on hacking languages and becoming a fluent speaker. His courses and videos will benefit anyone, especially those who are too busy to enroll in extensive and costly language programs that take years to yield any results.

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 Are His Projections Realistic?

In truth, people learn at varied speeds mainly due to the fact that their brains are wired different. However, what Benny Lewis is suggesting has more to do with mindset rather than intelligence, which means it can work for everyone as long as they follow instructions well. In his blog called Fluent in 3 Months, he provides a number of techniques that people can use when they are learning a language all on their own. Most of the content in this blog has to do with his experiences travelling to various countries and completely immersing in their culture.
While becoming fluent in 3 months is not necessarily a guarantee, it is quite possible for people to achieve, especially with the right guidance.

Why Should I Spend Money When there is Free Information Available?

Many people who have heard of the exploits of Benny the Irish Polyglot have asked this question. While there is no singular answer to this query, there are many reasons why you should consider getting the Language Hacking Guide along with the subscription to Speak from Day 1 videos.

Language Hacking Guide is a Comprehensive Course

Comprehensive Online Language CourseWhile it appears that there is already a plethora of information on language learning provided on Benny’s website, there are still so much that you can learn from the Hacking Guide. This course was created mainly so that people can have access to clearly defined guidelines and references on learning various languages. The information found on his blog is merely supplementary to what you can find on the Hacking Guide.


Speak from Day 1 Videos are Regularly Updated

Benny regularly posts new videos for his members to watch so that they can gain more concrete information on how to become fluent speakers of the language they chose to learn. It is rather important to continue finding new methods on mastering foreign languages, especially if you intend to become a native sounding speaker.

The Videos Contain Exercises

Speakfromday1 can be described more aptly as the Language Hacking Guide in action. The videos contain several practical exercises that you can do at home or while attempting to converse with other people.

You Can Learn Benny’s Best Kept Secrets on Language Learning

The free content found on his blog and the main LHG website is valuable and helpful. However, if you are looking to really discover how Benny was able to become fluent in several languages in such a short time, it is necessary to get access to the videos.

Language Hacking Guide Complete

What Do People Say about Benny the Irish Polyglot?

Benny Lewis has gotten quite a lot of attention lately, especially after the successful launch of the Language Hacking Guide. Many people who bought the Guide as well as the Speakfromday1 package have commented on how helpful the program was for them, especially in terms of grasping the method of language learning. Consumer feedback on Benny’s program as well as his online blog has been generally positive. You can always verify this by reading up on testimonials about the Language Hacking Guide.

Whether you are looking to improve your chances at excellent employment, or you simply have a love of foreign languages, Benny the Irish Polyglot is certainly the man from whom to seek help. Not only is he uniquely qualified to provide instruction on how to learn a language, but he also has a deep seated appreciation for people’s need to improve themselves.

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