The American Accent Audio Course Review

by Marek on October 29, 2013

american accentMany are looking to become fluent in spoken American English for varied reasons such as advanced education, travel, and better employment opportunities abroad. While there are many ways to master the language, the real measure of fluency is acquiring the American Accent. While this feat can be challenging, there are programs that have been created for the sole purpose of guiding people through the process of acquiring American Accent.

The American Accent Audio Course is among the most widely recognized online programs that are designed to help students as well as professionals become familiar with proper American Accent and be able to speak with confidence and ease. Provided below is The American Accent Audio Course Review, which details all its features, benefits, possible drawbacks, and its impact on consumers.

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Features and Main Benefits of The American Accent Audio Course

Audio Program with Supplementary Workbooks and PDF References

Learning spoken language usually requires extensive exposure to audio lessons, especially when you are trying to learn a very specific accent. This particular program is composed not only of audio lessons but also of written workbooks and other reading materials that serve as references and guides. Each of the audio program tackles a specific area of the American English Language and its unique properties.

The audio files are comprised of 24 step by step lessons, with a total length of 16 continuous hours. If you are looking for comprehensive, this is indeed one of the best choices.
Note: For people who are learning American accent for the first time, it is important to understand that it can be intimidating in the initial stages. This is why it is very important to have access to a program that is specifically designed with a structure that is easy to grasp.American Accent Audio Course Set

Downloadable Mp3 and Pdf Files

You would be able to access the audio lessons anytime, anywhere since the program allows for the mp3 files to be downloaded and transferred to any audio listening device such as mp3 players, ipod, tablet, etc. This feature is highly useful to people who have extremely busy schedules and do not have a lot of time to devote to the lessons. This way, you can listen to the audio modules regardless of your location, i.e. at home doing the dishes or cooking meals, stuck in traffic in the middle of rush hour, etc.

Lessons on the “Music of the Language”

Spoken American English can best be described as a collection of Peaks and Valleys. Intonation is an essential part of learning American accent, which is why The American Accent Audio Course approaches the language in terms of a collective appreciation instead of studying individual sounds.

This program is conceived using the principles of universal learning, which means you will learn how to sound out words by listening to the melody of complete phrases and/or sentences. It is much easier to learn an accent when lessons are presented in a way that can be appreciated as a whole as opposed to the sum of its parts.

For instance, the intonation used for asking questions is very different from that which is used for declarative sentences. The lessons would include comparisons between various intonations, as well as how to use them appropriately.

American Accent Audio Course

Practical Guidelines on Common American Speech Patterns

While there are a number of regional accents, i.e. Southern, Texan, Jersey, Yankee, etc., American speech patterns are usually very predictable and easy to learn once you have a firm grasp of the basics. Speech patterns do not only cover intonation and pronunciation, but also colloquial expressions. For instance, carbonated beverages are referred to as pop in certain parts of the US, and is called soda is other areas. This is just one of the mainly small details that you will pick up as you go through the lessons one after another.

American expressions and their counterparts in other foreign English accents are also included. Things like Elevator (US English) and Lift (British English), Breakfast (US English), Brekkie (Australian English).

Designed for People Who Learn English as Teenagers or Adults

Learn English as an adultWhen English is not your first language, it can be challenging to achieve fluency right away, let alone acquire an American accent. However, The American Accent Audio Course is a program specifically designed for people who learned English later in life, so all the instructions and lessons are fitted accordingly.

Regardless of whether you are student or a professional, this online program can provide you with all the tools you need in order to speak English with an American Accent within a matter of months.

Specialized Lessons on Challenging Words

There are just some words that are simply hard to pronounce, even for native American English speakers. This course provides adequate training on this particular area in order to increase proficiency not only in vernacular but also formal American English (mostly for academic purposes).

What Changes Can You Expect After Completing the Lessons?

The rate at which an American accent is acquired may differ from one person to another. However, these are some of the immediate changes that you can expect after completing the 24 audio lessons as well as the workbook included in the package:
*Increased confidence in speaking – In order to sound like a native speaker, you have to be very confident in using the language.
*Reduced regional or foreign accent – People from certain parts of the world do carry heavy/thick accents which are hard to lose even after years of living in the US. This program helps people gain a more neutral accent that allows them to sound like native speakers.
*Ease in speaking with native speakers and/or fluent American English speakers – You will notice that speaking to natives and fluent speakers is no longer such a challenge because you have gotten the hang of most of the expressions as well as common speech patterns.


The American Accent Audio Course is not a magic wand that can instantly turn you into an American sounding speaker. It does require a lot of practice as well as repetition in order to achieve a certain level of fluency. The ultimate goal is to sound as natural as possible so that you are able to converse with ease and confidence as if you have been speaking the language all your life.

American English MasteryVerdict and Recommendation

The American Accent Audio Course is a well constructed online program that allows people to learn American Accent in the comfort of their own home, at whatever pace they are comfortable with. It has been well received by many satisfied customers and with a 60-Day Money Back guarantee, there is really no downside to trying this program right away to see if it works for you.

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